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Sit back and relax in your beautiful nursery, knowing that your baby is safe and sound. Touchwood is pleased to announce, that our cots are now SAFER THAN EVER...

Having passed the Australian/New Zealand Safety Standard [AS/NZS 2172:2013] during our 25 years of manufacturing Nursery Cots, we have now taken it one step further by having our Cots tested by FIRA International, a British based testing facility. 

So, if peace of mind is important to you, choose a Touchwood. That way, not only will your baby be able to sleep better at night - but you will too.

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Why Choose Touchwood?

What to look for when buying a Cot…

There are many different cots on the market. Like everything, there are good ones and there are bad ones. We believe there are important points you need to look for before you decide.

Safety Standards
Does the cot you like comply to the safety Standards?


Compare the construction of the mattress base, the size of the timber used and the distance between the slats. Note the sturdy support beam and the size of the main rails.
Compare our double bolting system, which means the mattress base is firmly fitted.

Compare the way the vertical bars are located. All TouchWood cots have the vertical bars individually tenoned for added strength.

Compare the drop side mechanism. Our drop-side mechanism is totally unique to TouchWood. We firmly believe in a drop side that needs to be opened with two hands, instead of the currently fashionable one-handed version.

Why? Because it is safer. It can't be opened by shaking from inside the cot, or by another child from the outside. When you have picked up your baby, we suggest you leave the drop side in the lower position, ready for your return.

We are sure that if you make these comparisons, you'll choose a TouchWood Safety Cot.

10 Reasons why your child deserves a Touchwood…

1. All TouchWood Cot models have been tested and approved to meet and exceed the
    Australian/New Zealand Safety Standard 2172
and the British/European Safety Standard 
    BS EN 716 1/2.

2. All Touchwood products are fully inspected and approved by Touchwood staff.

3. All TouchWood Cots are versatile and easily transformed from a bassinet, to a deep safe cot, a
    child’s first bed and a 2-seater sofa.

4. All TouchWood Cots are manufactured and hand crafted exclusively from sustainable renewable
    New Zealand pine timber

5. All TouchWood Cots are manufactured to the highest quality and can be used for many years and
    in fact become a family heirloom.

6. All TouchWood Cots are very easy to assemble.

7. All TouchWood Cots, that have a sliding front frame, have our unique designed drop side
. (no plastic or breakable parts are used)

8. All TouchWood Cots, that have a sliding front frame, have our two handed drop side mechanism
    which makes it impossible for a child to lower from inside or outside the cot.

9. All TouchWood Cots carry our comprehensive 5 Year Guarantee against faulty materials and

10. All TouchWood Cots are available with a an exclusive TouchWood mattresses and an extensive  
      range of Nursery Furniture

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